UU Church of Ventura Grant

We received a great grant to assist with our worktrade programs for homeless and youth. The UU Church of Ventura has awarded us $932 to help buy parts for people that otherwise couldn’t afford it!

Miracle Grant from Patagonia

Patagonia has partnered up, honoring VCCool with their Miracle Grant! Think about all the people we can help and all the awesome stuff we can do! They are setting the way for corporations to be involved in their community and helping build capacity at local nonprofits.

Business and Organization Logos

Community Sponsors Youth Bicycle Safety Rodeo

Community businesses and organizations are making generous gifts to support youth bicycle safety!  Channel Islands Bicycle Club and Trek Bicycles of Ventura  form the cornerstone of VCCool’s 7th annual Youth Bicycle Rodeo – allowing VCCool to provide helmets, odometers, training, and more to youth ages 5-19. Other top sponsors include…

Youth at Bike Safety Rodeo

VCCool’s 7th Annual Youth Bicycle Rodeo

Friday, September 28th 10:00am to 2:00am  (Be sure to arrive by 1:30!) Start at Mission Plaza 211 N Main St., Ventura CA Free to the Public Youth 5-19 and their Family English/Spanish Friendly Come to VCCool’s 7th Annual Youth Bicycle Safety Rodeo! It’s the biggest youth bicycle event of the…